In my research to uncover the Brougham story I came across a very interesting and well put together site - Clergy of the Church of England Database or CCED for short -  The database covers the years 1540 to 1835,and although not complete is getting there.  At the time of writing the database reveals just 8 Broughams who went into the Clergy:

Brougham, Bernard (1692 - 1751)
Brougham, Edmund (0 - 0)
Brougham, Henry (1728 - 1728)
Brougham, Henry (1689 - 1696)
Brougham, John (1771 - 1773)
Brougham, Samuel Lindsey (1803 - 1805)
Brougham, Thomas (1739 - 1783)
Brougham, William (1821 - 1834)

Given there are so few Brougham's in the list it wont help many of us with our family research.  The clergy during this time was not made up of people who necessarily had a calling to the profession but was made up of people in the higher echelons of society.  As the site states 'throughout this period the Church of England was the single most important employer of educated males in England and Wales, and at times possessed an institutional presence which surpassed that of the state.'   If anyone has a link to these people you may well find out a little more info about the named individual showing academic record and church appointments.

I personally found this a well organised site with a good search engine.  I hope that over time, the authors receive the recognition they deserve.