15th May 2021 will go down as an historic and memorable day for Leicester.  It was the day the City won the Challenge Cup, commonly known as the FA Cup and £1.8 million pounds.  And what a day it was.  Historic because it was the first time that Leicester have won the cup.  Previously they had been in the final 4 times and 4 times they had failed.  2021 saw their successful 5th attempt.  On a wet cold day in May in the middle of a pandemic they won – they became the 45th name to be etched on the cup.

Leicester City now in the history books of the oldest running football cup competition in the world.  The pandemic limited 20,000+ people who attended yesterday can all say I was there.  It will have been a memorable day for half of them, the other 50% will go home with thoughts of what might have been, especially if that disallowed goal towards the end had been allowed.

For Leicester fans across the world, it will be a day of what was I doing when ‘we’ won the cup.  For me personally I was at home watching it on the tele’ with a lager in my hand.  It was a great feeling to see the Tielemans 63rd minute shot hit the top left hand corner of the goal.  As we jumped and cheered it was a great feeling and then an anxious watch till the final whistle.  There was disappointment when Chelsea scored but then relief as the goal was disallowed for being offside. The final whistle blew, and we were elated. Leicester had won the cup – what a great feeling of joy after so much misery over the last 18 months. 

The club of the town where I was born, Huddersfield, have won the cup once, in 1922.  The emotions of the day must have been as great for the players and fans at the time when Billy Smith scored the winning penalty against Preston North End in extra time.  Huddersfield like Leicester have been in the final 5 times and have won once. It was the last final to be played before the finals were regularly to be hosted at the FA’s national stadium in Wembley.

There will be as many facts and figures about Leicester’s win as there were for Huddersfield’s victory 99 years ago.  With the televised match now an historical record, every moment can be played back again and again.  Over time it will get summarised and Tieleman’s goal will become the highlight scene that sums up the match. After all, its goals that matter.  The emotions will be present while those who had a part to play in the day remain alive – after that it will be history looking back, mainly on stats.  The game may even appear in the Pandemic archives due to this being a large test crowd audience to see how large venues can cope as the country, hopefully, comes through the final stages of lockdown.

15th May 2021 was the day Leicester won the cup and an entry was made in the historical archive.  The emotions of the day went into our own personal archives – but how many of these will be remembered 100 years later?