This Easter I have just finished the Coast to Coast cycle ride from Whitehaven to Sunderland.  Essentially we went through or near to some Brougham strongholds of the north.  The second highest point on the trip was Hartside at 1900 feet which was cold and bleak.  Once at the top though you travel down hill for 5 miles - superb,  and you enter the small market town of Alston, which at 1000 feet, is the highest market town in England. We stayed overnight at the Cumberland Inn which had a very good atmosphere, real ales and some very inviting food.

I didn't know it at the time, but just reading Peter Brougham Wyly's research, 'A Gathering of Broughams', I see that there have been a small group of Brougham's at Alston who have yet to be placed into the overall Brougham Family Tree.

The earliest records are Ann, Wife of William Brougham, buried 14 April 1703 and
William Brougham of Foreshall, buried 15 February 1701.

Peter believed it was possible and likely that William was the son of Thomas, brother of Henry of Scales.

Other Brougham's at Alston  include:
Joseph, son of William Brougham, buried 12 Feb 1723
Phoebe, daughter of Thomas Brougham, baptised 7 Sept 1748
Mary, daughter of Thomas Brougham of Alstone, baptised 27 Jan 1751
Nancy, daughter of Thomas Brougham, buried 4 August 1757
Thomas Brougham of Alston, buried 11 Dec 1771
Elizabeth Brougham, of Alston, buried 21 April 1772
Mary Brougham married Thomas Johnston, 11 Dec 1773
Isabel Brougham, married Thomas Featherstonehaugh 15 May 1778
Eleanor Brougham of Alston buried 6 Sept 1784.

If anyone has any links to these people I'd be interested in hearing from you.  I don't believe they are linked to me at all - but it would be good to meet someone who might be related to these people.