Family History is gripping - once you get started you get hooked!

Next weekend we have the gathering of my father's cousins from his mother's side - Taylor.  My grandmother had 9 brothers and sisters so there were many cousins.  Over time the cousins have lost touch, and some have even moved to New Zealand.  It will be great to meet them all and I'm looking forward to capturing all their relatives in our family tree.

These Taylors all descend from Fred Taylor (1880 - 1944) and were initially based around Meltham in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England. Taylor is a common name in these parts and so it does make tracing the family tree more difficult.  This is one of the advantages of a name like Brougham - there aren't as many of us - but the problem of having a complex name like Brougham is that over the years, it did get translated wrongly into official registers and documents, particularly as there were so many who were illiterate.  This in itself always proves to be a challenge.

Tracing family history has in fact allowed us to make contact with some of these cousins and their children.  It was through the various family history websites that connections have been made.

This is family history linking people together today.
And indeed here are the Taylor cousins.  Left to right - Alec Brougham, Paul Helliwell, Susan Brier (Nee Armitage), Peter Helliwell, Susan Hawlett (nee Taylor), Marlene Sykes (nee Brougham), Ann Cowgill (back by white door), June Taylor (centre front), Joan Beere (nee Taylor), Violet Taylor (partly obscured by Roger), Roger Taylor, Margaret Berry (nee Mitchell), Jean Sykes, Gwyn Thomas.