Peter Brougham Wyly devoted his life to researching the Brougham family history.  Along with his trusted friend, Peggy Stacey, they spent many hours in libraries and archives collecting information, long before the computer made life a little easier for the family genealogist.  Peter pulled his research together into 'A Gathering of Broughams but not a clean sweep' but this was never actually published.  Although Peter did send copies to many fellow genealogists his invaluable research was never made widely available.  It is with great pleasure that I can announce that Peter's family have kindly given permission for the work to be reproduced on this web site for the benefit of other genealogists and researchers.  This document will assist many in understanding the Brougham history and allow many to link their own Brougham family trees into this central body of understanding.

As with all research it is never finished.  This document was produced in 1998 and Peter did many more years of research after this.  There are many areas incomplete and a number of small errors that Peter was aware of.   It is my hope in sharing this document on All Things Brougham that it will help many Broughams to understand their ancestry and help add to the body of Knowledge about Broughams as other researchers link into this and develop it further with their own family trees. 

My special thanks go to Peter's family who have given their very kind permission for Peter's unpublished work to be shared on this website.  Most of Peter's research is to eventually be stored in the Cumbria Records Office at Carlisle when this is finally opened following a major refurbishment. Many Brougham's will be forever indebted to the dedication and hard work that Peter put into his research.  I being at the top of that list.