Brougham Family History

It is believed that all true Brougham's receive their name from the village of Brougham near Penrith in Cumbria, Northern England.  Here at Brougham we find Brougham Castle and Brougham Hall.  Predominantly farming land. 

Brougham's have moved far and wide.  There have also been many corruptions of the name with some Broughams being incorrectly named brougham following misspellings and misinterpretation of names in years gone by when there were fewer people who could read and write.

In these pages it is intended to document the history of the different groups of Brougham's around the country, and across the World.

The author's interest started with the Brougham's of Huddersfield where he descends from.   The Huddersfield Brougham's moved to the West Yorkshire area from Wetherby, North Yorkshire in the 19th century.  They were predominatly agricultural labourers.

The Huddersfield Brougham's are documented on the genealogy websites GenesReunited and  

If you are researching your own Brougham family tree please get in touch with the author to share information. 

The Brougham GRO Index

The GRO Index contains details of all births, deaths and marriages since 1837.  The Brougham GRO index contains a transcribing of these indexes for the Brougham name.  


A Gathering of Broughams

The unpublished research of Brougham family history by Peter Brougham Wyly. 



Brougham Family Photos from years gone by - Leonard Brougham

Leonard Brougham (1909 - 1990) 2nd from right on front row



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