Lord Brougham

Achievements include:

  • MP for Camelford 1810 - 1812
  • MP for Winchelsea - 1815 - 1830
  • Lord Chancellor - 1830 - 1834
  • Designed the Brougham, 4 wheeled, horse drawn carriage
  • Slave trade abolitionist, who saw the 1833 Act through parliament
  • Helped drive the 1832 Reform act
  • Successfully defended the Princess of Wales, Queen Caroline
  • Founder member of the Edinburgh Review
  • One of the Founders of the Charities Commission
  • Educational reformer, supporting the Ragged Schools Union, Mechanics Institutes, and the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
  • Helped to found the University of London
  • Chancellor of Edinburgh University
  • Responsible for the establishment of the Central Criminal Court
  • Responsible for building modern day Cannes in the South of France
  • The rebuilding and rennovation of Brougham Hall by allowing his youger brother, William (later the 2nd Lord Brougham) to do the work.



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