A Gathering of Broughams

A Gathering Of Broughams - but not a clean sweep, is the unpublished research of the Brougham genealogist,  Peter Brougham Wyly (1922 - 2010), dated, May 1998.  It represents a summary of his in depth work at that time covering the various branches of Broughams throughout the UK and in other countries where families have emigrated.  It provides invaluable information for all who are researching Brougham family history or their family tree.  It is published here with the kind permission of Peter's family.

The document is in two volumes, the first being the narrative, and the second the family charts.  In due course I will improve the presentation and the quality of the pdf file.

These are large files, so they may take a little time to download if you are using a slow connection.

Like all family history this was work in progress, and hopefully you can add further to the information here.  It's also possible that the document contains some errors where assumptions have been made or information incorrectly provided or interpreted.

A Gathering of Broughams.pdf A Gathering of Broughams.pdf
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Type : pdf
A Gathering of Broughams - Family Tree.pdf A Gathering of Broughams - Family Tree.pdf
Size : 3263.747 Kb
Type : pdf

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